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Eagle Libraries

Here are the links to the Cadsoft Eagle Libraries I’ve made. Sparkfun have some libraries too which are helpful to use plus they have Eagle Tutorials too. I haven’t verified the pin outputs so please take this into account, also it’s recommended you do a 1:1 print out in case my library is incorrect.

LED Matrix
Version 3 (7 April 2010) – Added YSM-2388CRGBC, corrected other schematics to line up the pins to 0.1″ instead of 0.05″
Version 2 (2 April 2010) – Added YSM-1288CR3G2C
Version 1 (1 April 2010) – Added WLG M2088A/8EG

LED Matrix – Tri Color – Large
sku: COM-00683

LED Matrix – Dual Color – Medium
sku: COM-00682
WLG M2088A/8EG

LED Matrix – Dual Color – Small
sku: COM-00681

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