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Uses the Nokia 3120 keypad with an ATtiny261 to send an SMS. View the original post here.

(version 1.0 pictured)

(version 1.0 shown in video)


v1.1 (29 January 2012) – Download
– Uses ATtiny261 to remove the extra transistor / mosfet circuit
– Uses a ULN2003A instead of 4 transistors
– Use a spare output on a ULN2003A to turn the phone on when we want to send an SMS
therefore saving the battery until we need it
– Use the watchdog timer instead of delay_ms

v1.0 (29 December 2011) – Download
– Initial Release

How to use

Power on ATtiny261, it will power on the mobile, start sending the predefined SMS and turn off the phone.

Build your own

Parts Required

– ATtiny261 or ATtiny261A DIP20 (1) – ATTINY261-20PU/ATTINY261A-PU [IC2] – NPN Darlington Array DIP18 (1) – ULN2803A [Q1] – NPN Darlington Array DIP16 (1) – ULN2003A [Q2] – 10K Resistor 1/8W (5) – [R1] – 0.1uF Capacitor (1) – [C1] – 3V CR2032 coin cell (1)
– Coin cell battery holder (1)


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