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ISP to BB Connector

A simple AVR 6 pin ISP to Breadboard (BB) connector. Designed specifically for the ATtiny25/45/85 as you can simply plug it on the right hand side of the ATtiny and then just wire up the Reset and Ground lines.


The download includes Eagle schematic/board and PCB images ready for home etching.
v1.0 (2 May 2011) – ISP to BB_Connector_v1.0
– Initialise Release

How to use

Connect to the ATtiny25/45/85 as below. It can be used on any other AVR, you’ll just need to connect to the correct pins.

.               +-\/-+          ISP to BB
.     |-  PB5  1|o   |8  Vcc  -|VCC
.     |   PB3  2|    |7  PB2  -|SCK
.     |   PB4  3|    |6  PB1  -|MISO
. |-  |   GND  4|    |5  PB0  -|MSOI
. |   |------------------------|RESET
. |----------------------------|GND


– 16mm x 13mm PCB size

Build your own

Parts Required
– 6 pin male header
– 2×3 pin male header


PCB Ready for home etching

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