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Logic Observer

An 8 input CPLD based Logic Analyser with a selectable sample rate up to 50 MSPS with up to 131Kbit sample depth per input, controllable via USB with a GUI or command line interface and data format readable by Sigrok PulseView.

Logic_Observer_v1.0_Top Logic_Observer_v1.0_Bottom


  • 2V to 5.5V input voltage for logic high reading
  • 4.7M input impedance
  • Sample rate of 50/10/5/2.5/1 MSPS and 500/250/100 KSPS
  • Sample depth of 8K, 16K, 32K, 64K, 96K or 131K
  • Selectable trigger pins
  • High/low voltage triggering
  • Trigger delay of 0 to 254ms
  • Trigger count of 0 to 254 times
  • Ability to re-program Altera CPLD / Atmel MCU


  • PCB Board: 50mm x 50mm
  • Minimum input voltage: -0.5V
  • Maximum input voltage: 5.5V
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • CPLD: Altera 64 macro cell EPM3064ATC44
  • MCU: Atmel ATmega48/88/168/328 QFP
  • SRAM: Cypress 1Mbit SRAM CY7C1019DV33

Includes schematic, manual, example results, product pictures, PCB guide, source and program.
View the manual – Logic_Observer_v1.0_Manual_Rev2

v1.0 Rev 2 (26 April 2015) – Logic_Observer_v1.0_Rev2
– Added pin state change detection in pin change interrupt so it only counts as a trigger if the pin has changed state.
– Added initial detection of pin state so we don’t have to wait until the pin change interrupt  is triggered to start capturing
– Moved clock stabilise delay to after starting a capture and waiting for a trigger as occasionally if a trigger occurred straight away, the first few readings would be random data

v1.0 (28 February 2015) – Logic_Observer_v1.0
– Initial Release

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