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So I’m playing around more with the Scanalogic 2 Pro and thought instead of just reading the Logitech LX310 receiver’s EEPROM I would actually probe it and see what’s going on when it starts up. My plan for this post is to make it as simple and easy to follow as possible.

As you might know it’s a ST 95160 16Kbit EEPROM which is uses SPI protocol; I’ve found that SPI is harder to understand and use than two-wire (I2C) protocol. I used the Arduino SPIEEPROM page to assist me as well as the datasheet which once you read parts of it enough times and see what’s happening in the logic actually starts to make sense 😛

Download the complete timeline of SPI communication here: Logitech LX310 Reciever SPI 10Mhz
You’ll need to download the Scanalogic software in order to use the above file. Please note that the ms timeline shown in these pictures may be different to the timeline you download, however all queries are still the same.

Here is an overview of the first 10ms upon connecting to my computer.

What I suspect we see up to the first millisecond is the chip in the receiver is initialising itself by looking at the CS line as it’s going high and low very quickly, plus it could just be the rush of power to it causing the CS to go all funny.


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Here we have the Logitech LX310 ready for us to look into comprised of three parts, the receiver, keyboard and mouse.

Lets begin with the wireless receiver.

P/N 810-000594


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