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So I’m very interested in electronics again and I bought the Arduino Starter Kit from a supplier in Australia and I’ve been testing it out a bit. I also bought an 16×2 LCD, a 8×8 LED Matrix and some other parts too.

I’m always trying to make games out of everything so naturally I started thinking of games that can be made using the LCD and came up with a car type game which you try to avoid walls and shoot enemies blocking your path. This game would be better if you have a 20×4 LCD as just having 2 positions to change to is kind of limiting the game experience.

LCD Road Runner
v0.1 (10 April 2010) – Initial Release with 10 levels

How to play
The legend of objects is below.
> You
< Enemy
| Wall
) Bullet
+ Decrease speed
– Increase speed

As you can see you are the greater than (>) symbol, you move left and right by using the trimpot and shoot by pressing the button. You need to avoid hitting the walls (|) and shoot down enemies (<). Along your journey you will see power ups that make you speed up (+) or slow down (-), as you can tell you would want to slow down instead of speeding up. There are extra lives (β†’) available in the levels.



* LCD RS pin to digital pin 12
* LCD Enable pin to digital pin 11
* LCD D4 pin to digital pin 5
* LCD D5 pin to digital pin 4
* LCD D6 pin to digital pin 3
* LCD D7 pin to digital pin 2
* 10K trimpot 1: ends to +5V and ground, middle (wiper) to LCD VO pin (pin 3)
* 10K trimpot 2: ends to +5V and ground, middle (wiper) to analog pin 0
* Button: ends to digital pin 6 and +5V, 10K resistor attached to digital pin 6 from ground


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  1. […] now gotten a feel for the LED Matrix and have made a Road Runner game for it too, similar to the LCD Road Runner except you don’t have enemies and don’t shoot. I’ve optimised the way levels are […]

  2. lny says:

    great blog you have! could you add the code for that road runner? like to assable it as a present for a friend πŸ™‚



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