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Most of all Queenslanders would know that there has been a scheme to install a Wireless Energy Monitor for quite some time so lets take a look inside. This energy monitor lets you check your current power usage, greenhouse gases produced and cost with these values been shown for the current day, past day, week, quarter and year.

Part No CM119

Two screws later and we’re in.

You can see that inside we have the little speaker on the left, a quartz crystal most likely for the clock, a temperature sensor, 2 chips with one being on what looks to be a RF module and an antenna.

They covered up the main chip, ugh…

1. Microchip 4kbit EEPROM
Nothing special here, just a EEPROM, PDF.
SN 0951

2. National Semi Dual Op Amp
An operational amplifier on the RF module, PDF

And that’s it for this one. I was actually trying to get some data out of the EEPROM when turning it on and also when it was receiving data from the sending station however what seemed to happen is that the CLK or MISO was out of sync sometimes which didn’t make sense to me so I wasn’t able to get much use of the data I had. The Microchip datasheet wasn’t actually as helpful for me like the ST one was on the Logitech LX310 receiver.

What I did notice was once it’s connected to the sending station the daily total updates, maybe there is a way to patch into the receiving data line and try to decode what data is being received? Hmm.

4 Responses to “Inside the QLD Government Wireless Energy Monitor”

  1. April Storms says:

    Wonder what listening device they have installed in this?

    • Alex says:

      I believe they installed a current monitor in the electricity box which sends all the data wirelessly to this receiver that I opened up.

  2. Roy Winchester says:

    Hello My Energy meter which I have had for quite a few years now has stopped recieving signals from the powerbox unit, I have replace all the batteries on both units.
    and it did find the signal this morning after doing the search, but abot 4 hours later I noticed it had stopped working again.
    Is it possible to get a replacement please.
    My address is xxxx

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