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So I’ve finally gotten myself a USBtinyISP Programmer to use instead of the Arduino acting as an ISP. It comes with a 10 and 6 pin cable. For my needs I’ll just be using it on a breadboard and using wires from the 6 pin cable was a little tedious.

I decided just to make a simple PCB to convert those 6 pins (2×3 pins) into a 6 pin header specifically made for the ATtiny25/45/85 as it you can just simply plug it on the right hand side of the ATtiny and then just wire up the Reset and Ground lines.

More information  and download available at the ISP to BB Connector project page.

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  1. ptichki_pichuzhki says:

    happy you are with the ports disposition in your tinies!
    2313 has a different port map, so it’s not that easy. i am thinking about disassembling the breadboard to integrate the cabling underneath the board…

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