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Today we’ll be looking at the Cyberguard Snapgear SME530 VPN Firewall Appliance which is used between modems/routers and the network, kind of like a UTM. Cyberguard were bought out by McAfee and then discontinued.

Two screws later and we’re in. If you look near the bottom right, you’ll see a battery probably for the RTC. Interestingly enough the Netgear UTM which I took apart also had one too but routers/modems don’t have them, I guess these kind of appliances where logs are everything you don’t want to re-set the date/time when they power down or reset .

1. Renesas 32-Bit RISC Microcomputer
It appears to be a Renesas MCU which operates at 167MHz. PDF.

2 . Hynix 64Mbit Memory

3. Intel 32Mbit Flash Memory
E28F320 J3A110 A3397120

4. Realtek 10/100M Fast Ethernet Controller
2 of these are present, one for the WAN and one for the LAN. Link.

5. Halo Ethernet Isolation Modules
Used to isolate the ethernet from other components. PDF.

6. Sipex RS232 Transceiver

7. STmicro D-type Flip Flop

8. 33MHz Crytal Oscillator
We have a large crystal oscillator, one that can likely account for drift/temperature changes.
HY-Q 33M000 QX0-8CCA

And that’s all, we’re done.

2 Responses to “Inside the Cyberguard Snapgear SME530 VPN Firewall Appliance”

  1. kaho says:

    My 530 was accidentally powered by in a corrected power supply.
    Although there was no burn from the PCB board, the 530 cannot be booted up.
    Do you have any suggestion for repairing the power module?

    • Alex says:

      Hi kaho, do you recall the power supply voltage you incorrectly connected? Do you see any lights at all on it. I would firstly check the LM1086 pins to see if you can see 5V coming in and 3.3V going out.

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