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The Non-Contact Blackout Detector has been updated to v1.1. The PCB got etched and you can see that the back of the board has a block of exposed copper which acts as our AC interference detector, it’s not as good as using wire. I’ve placed it into a small container.

Download the Non-Contact_Blackout_Detector_v1.1 or visit the project page.

Blackout SMS Sender

Now I thought I’d link this project with the Nokia 3120 Keypad SMS Sender to make a project example named the Blackout SMS Sender. Download the Blackout SMS Sender_1.0.

In the above video you’ll see that the Blackout SMS Sender will SMS me once the power is out and then will SMS me once power is restored with how long the power was out for.

Modifications to the Nokia 3120 KSS were:

  • Use Timer0 interrupt every ~0.5 seconds to keep track of the time PB5 has been high for
  • Uses delay_ms again as we are using Timer0 to do interrupts and it won’t work well with the watchdog timer
  • Uses system sleep IDLE instead of PWR_DOWN as Timer0 won’t wake us up in PWR_DOWN

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  1. Ikenna Theophilus says:

    please Alex how can I get the components for the project and also the circuit diagram. please really looking forward for your quick response. Thank you

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