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Another quick one, today we’ll be looking at the Netgear ProSafe GS108 8 Port Gigabit Switch which is an unmanaged 8 port gigabit switch and has a little Kensington lock on the back.

Two screws later and we’re in.

There are a couple of logic chips hanging around which isn’t too common on low port switches, a pretty decent heatsink on the main chip and a good amount of via stitching. PCB date code is 39th week, 2009.

We’ve got a few KY branded capacitors at the input, 2 inductors along with 2x Feeling Tech FP6101 DC-DC converters. For the logic chips we have an LVC14A hex schmitt-trigger inverter and 2x quad 2-input NAND gates which are going to the network port LEDs.

Under the heatsink we have a large chip, the Broadcom BCM53118 (no proper datasheet found) which has 8x 10/100/100 PHYs and one GMII/RGMII interface which could potentially be used for wireless, fibre, etc. The chip includes VLAN, QoS, DOS prevention, per port rate control to name a few. Running with a 25MHz crystal.

Also under the heatsink there was an Atmel AT93C46D 1Kbit Serial EEPROM.

And that’s all.

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  1. Marcel says:

    What version of GS108 was that? BTW I believe its a BCM53118 isn’t it?

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