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Here’s my first post, inside the 2Wire 2071A Bigpond Gateway, I think this modem is about 2-3 years old. No screws to unscrew this modem, so I just took a dermal to it and opened it up (not like it was working anyway).

1. 2Wire Perseus Chip
We remove the sticker and we can see this chip.

Gw6750 . 1

2. STM NAND Chip
This looks to be a 128 Mbit NAND. PDF

99AF9 VS
MTYS 99 749

3. Nanya Memory
Looks to be 16 Mbit of memory. PDF


4. Metal cover removed
Nothing much to see here

And that’s it, we’re done. I didn’t expect to see a large NAND or Memory on this device. If anyone wants to comment on this or let me and others know how it all works, etc feel free to do so 🙂

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  1. KERR says:

    Nice. I remember supporting these, they were pretty advanced and would self diagnose common connection issues. Their web interface was pretty nice too. Would be great to see a speedstream 4200 on your site, as long as it’s properly destroyed afterward (they’ve got a reputation of being awful).

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