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So now we’ve got something that was made probably 2-3 years ago, the Netcomm NB9W ADSL2+ Modem Router with VOIP. It’s a large unit and at first you think it’s all just plastic but it really looks like a lot of hardware for a router like this. This router has lots of Broadcom chips.

1. Broadcom MP-G-BR-02 11g MiniPCI (32 bit 2 ant conn. skyworks PA RoHS)
Here we’ve got a MiniPCI 802.11g Wireless card which suits laptops. It has 2 antenna connectors which are u.FL. You could easily add this card to your laptop or a Ultra Slim PC that has a MiniPCI slot. Interesting that they took the time to make a slot and all instead of just putting it on the board. Link

2. Etrontech 4Mega x 16 Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)
There are two of these, so 8 MB in total. PDF
K133605ABG491 – 12M

3. Broadcom 6 port Managed 10/100 Switch
Looks to be the chip that manages the network side of the router according to the PDF.
RD0615 P11
778530A 5

4. Broadcom ADSL2 Chip
Heatsink comes off and it’s another Broadcom chip. From the PDF it’s the chip that controls the ADSL2 connection.

5. Broadcom Chip
The next heatsink comes off and another Broadcom here too. Couldn’t find any informaiton about what this chip but I’m guessing it might be the VOIP chip?
TT0520 P10
744291 M

6. Break away PCB
Nothing exciting here although there is a Si3018-KS chip which seems to be the modem side of things. PDF

And that’s a wrap, we’re done here. Another router which has far more components than I thought it would have. It’s interesting to think all the components that make these up, I sure won’t be throwing away any gadgets that stop working as the parts on them are worth keeping.

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