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Whilst I’m waiting for some parts to produce the PCB of the simple motor controller I’ve been working we’ve got a quick teardown, it’s the Belkin F5U246 SM/XD Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Media Reader & Writer which just reads SM and XD cards. As you would expect there’s not much to see here just the one main chip.

This is the only large chip on this board and it can control interfacing with SmartMedia (SM) or xD Picture Cards (xD) as well as many card others like. Link/PDF

The SMSC chip appears it can also interface with cards including MS, MSPRO, SD, Mini-SD, MMC and CF;  it’s just up to them to put the slots on the board so you can connect up these other cards to it. I’m going to bet that they would have used this same chip if they had another product that did all of these cards in one or had a product that did some of these other cards together like SD/MMC, CF/MS.

And that’s it, just a quick teardown.

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