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It’s been a little while since doing one of these but we have the Motorola Surfboard 5100 Cable Modem which we’ll take apart and it’s fairly old which was built on the 23-Dec-04 according to the PCB, so lets get right to it. Part number seems to be 513682-003-00 and the PCB says 512841-003 Rev A.

Bye bye metal shields.

1. Broadcom Chip
The main chip on the PCB which seems to handle the RF, USB and Ethernet. Link & PDF.
CA064S P10
801370 P2C

2. Hynix 64Mbit Memory

3. Intel Flash Memory
Seems to be the flash memory, Link.

4. Broadcom Cable Tuner
The chip which handles tuning the cable connection, PDF
Wow absolutely nothing came up when searching for this chip, no results! As this chip is close to the RF, I’m going to say this chip has something to do with it.

P0643 P10
P2EW2 01

And that’s another product teardown done and dusted.

5 Responses to “Inside the Motorola Surfboard 5100 Cable Modem”

  1. Julio C. says:

    Hi, quite useful the info on the hynix chip. Any idea if all HY57V641620ETP-7 are 64 mb ram? cause if that’s the case am rolling over myself and my router has one! (wrt54g v8) if not, could you lend me an email? i would like to understand the diference since mine has a 746A C on the line where this has 651A C.


    • Alex says:

      Hi, yep all HY57V641620ETP-7 are 64mbit RAM. In regards to the 651A or 746A, these are probably manufacturing codes but I don’t know what they are. Most times these codes correspond to the manufacturing year/week.

  2. Timmy says:


    Just a comment about the Broadcom tuner chip, the part number is BCM3419KML. The ‘S’ is actually a ‘9’ πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your work on this nice, and handy site! πŸ™‚

  3. KERR says:

    Cool, never seen inside a cable modem before. Interesting to see the circuitry around the cable connector.

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