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Here’s the Netgear DM602 ADSL Modem tear down, at 8 years old so it’s interesting to see how different the PCB looks from the modern router.

First impressions of the board, it’s filled with components everywhere!

Look at the large cap and the coil; the coil is mounted horizontal and it seems that it’s connected to a small PCB which is then mounted to the main PCB. Also take a look at the resistor and the ceramic cap too, quite large. Another thing is how the LEDs are actually proper LEDs and not the SMT LEDs and how the LEDs are on a small PCB which is again mounted to the main PCB.

1. Viking G8000 Network ADSL main chip
According to this post, it’s a Viking chip

2. Hynix 64Mbit RAM
All routers require RAM and they’ve gone with the Hynix 64Mbit chip, PDF.

3. Viking AFE Chip
Another Viking chip, not sure of the function but it’s from this post again.

4. Altima Ethernet Chip
Seems to be the ethernet chip according to this post (which they had this chip on their PC).
TN0313 P11

5. UE Ethernet hardware
The hardware ethernet side, PDF and it’s on that post too!

6. Atmel 16Mbit Flash
What’s weird is this to this post has the same Atmel listed, so D-Link and Netgear used a few of the same parts, hmm too many coincidences. If you look above and below the chip you’ll see some more SMT solder pads, maybe they were planning for a larger flash?

And were’ done, it’s an interesting insight to how things have changed, SMT LEDs now used, less on board components, etc.

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  1. KERR says:

    This old stuff is always interesting, more components etc.

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