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Ever since I built a Raspberry Pi 4-bay NAS in an existing Netgear NAS case I’ve been wanting to make a smaller custom acrylic version with just a 2.5” 750GB hard drive for either backups (like a small Synology) or a fileserver overall it should end up being quite small.

rpi-512 wipi

The main components of this project will be the Rapsberry Pi and Wi-pi adapter which I bought it from Element14 / Newark. Using the the Wi-Pi adapter I could make it all wireless.

Like my last NAS, I’ll be adding in a 16×2 LCD display to show the status, as I’ll be using a 2.5” drive all I’d need is a 5V 2-3A power adapter and a USB to SATA adapter of which I’ve found a better adapter that should be easier to plug the drive easier.

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