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Today we’ll be taking a quick look at the SMC 2-Port Annex A ADSL2/2+ Modem Router (SMC7901BRA2) which has a date code of 2008/4th week and it’s a simple Ethernet or USB based modem/router.

IMG_3537 IMG_3538

Two screws later and we’re in.

IMG_3539 IMG_3540

The first thing noticeable is the large Elcon 3300uF 25V capacitor near the middle of the board. There is a 6×2 pin header which is most likely a Jtag header, 2 crystals 35.3MHz and 25MHz and we have a Semitech SC4519H SMPS.

The main chip is an Infineon PSB7200ZDW XWAY AR7 with an ISSI IS42S16800A 128Mb SDRAM and an Eon EN29LV160AB-70TCP 16Mb Flash.

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