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We have the original Xbox unit which is used infrequently and all of a sudden it wouldn’t power on, unplugged everything and measured no voltage on the outputs.

IMG_3729  IMG_3732

Naturally the problem would have to be on the power supply board, at quick inspection found black marks around a diode and resistor.


If you look more closely at the resistor you can see a slight mark which could mean it’s been damaged, I measured it in circuit and I was reading into the megaohms. I removed it from the circuit and it read open circuit, it looks to be 22 ohms.


I replaced the 22 ohm resistor but only with a 1/4W one and replaced the 1N4007 diode too. I quickly turned the power on and off, and saw a spark, the 22 ohm resistor was blown, oops. I managed to find a larger 22 ohm resistor but when I switched it on this time nothing happened and no voltage on the outputs either.

So instead of trying to troubleshooting the power supply further I took the easy approach to use an ATX power supply to power the Xbox, most of the voltages match except for the 3.3V standby vs 5V standby that the ATX supply has.


The quick way around this is to use 2 diodes to give it near 3.3V but since I had a 3.3V LDO I used that instead.


Here’s how it looks, just have the ATX power supply wires going through the power plug hole that used to be there, powered it up and it’s all working good.

5 Responses to “Checking on power supply issues on an original Xbox that doesn’t power on”

  1. JayFoxRox says:

    Hey, great article.
    Can we use these images for http://xboxdevwiki.net/Power_Supply ?
    Ideally they’d be released under CC0 or a more restrictive CC license for us.
    (Please also state how you want to be credited if necessary)


    • Alex says:

      Hi JayFoxRox, thanks for asking, yes you can use the images under a CC license and all that’s needed is a short text saying Image courtesy of insideGadgets.

  2. Rik says:

    Hi, can you tell me what cap you put across the LVO please? Is it a 1uF or 10uF or something else entirely?

  3. jogene says:

    hey what version of xbox you using
    i am using 1.6 delta configuration PSU
    need to make for my xbox, hard to find xbox psu replacement and no money to buy, and alot of PC psu
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