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Today we’ll be taking a look at the EnGenius ESR9850 Wireless N Gigabit Router, a wireless router with 4 gigabit ports, haven’t heard of this brand before.

IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3939

4 screws later and we’re in.

IMG_3940 IMG_3941

PCB layout looks quite good, we’ve got a ceramic heatsink on the main processor, 2 RF outputs without the metal cans with the antenna cable soldered on, 2x CAT7125CA SMPS up the top right plus a smaller U8AM878 one near the bottom center and a TX/RX unpopulated connector and an 8 pin unpopulated connector – likely JTAG. PCB date code is 2nd week of 2011.

1. Ralink 802.11n Wireless AP/Router SoC
Under the heatsink we’ve got a Ralink SoC running with a 40MHz oscillator. It’s running a 384MHz MIPS24KEc CPU core, has 5-port integrated 10/100 PHY, an USB OTG and a Gigabit Ethernet MAC with support for 64MB SDRAM and 16MB Flash.
RT3052_Brief & RT3052


2. Realtek 5 Port Gigabit PHY
With a 25MHz crystal


3. EtronTech 128Mbit SDRAM (x2)


4. MX 32Mbit Flash


And that’s all.

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  1. Sayan says:

    You maybe able to run OpenWRT or DD-WRT on it. I think this RT3052F is a supported by both

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