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Just a quick one today, we’ll be taking a look at Hahnel UniPal Universal Battery Charger which can charge AA/AAA/Li-Ion and also outputs 5V for USB. This charge allows the user to change the Li-Ion battery contacts via the blue gears.

3 screws later and we’re in.

There isn’t too much going on, just a single chip solution and there are no marking on it. You can see how the blue gears and the wires going to the contacts have been heat-shrinked to protect them a bit more.

We have a MC34063 DC-DC converter on the bottom and the inductors have heat-shrink on around them.

There is a 4435 Mosfet on the input on a little SMD to DIP riser board. They have 4x B772 PNP transistors which would be doing some voltage regulation and they are configured in pairs to share the load.

And that’s all.

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