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I’ve finally gotten around to releasing the Small Programmable Power Supply (SPPS) v1.0 which I made at least 6 months ago. The SPPS uses the LM2596 module found on Ebay with an ATtiny44 and digital pot to enable adjustable output voltage using a rotary encoder and allows you to have 3 programmable buttons to store preset voltages that you can switch to easily.


There is only limited stock for the time being of the full kit just to see how it sells, the full kit is $29 AUD with $7 shipping (as it’s over 50 grams) and $7 for the PCB only.

Part 1
Part 2: Added rotary encoder and more testing
Part 3: Back to the LM2596 and calibration
PCBs arrived
Small Programmable Power Supply v1.0 Released

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